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Svirko Elena Vyacheslavovna


About me

«I believe that I am very lucky in my life: I have a favorite job, which is also my main hobby; my favorite family-my husband and son, who always support and help me in everything; there is a team of like-minded people with whom we have been working fruitfully for the benefit of our patients for more than 15 years.

Since childhood, I love to learn and learn something new. At first it was piano lessons, thanks to which my fingertips became flexible and mobile, which helps me a lot in my daily work. After — study at the Institute, clinical residency, postgraduate studies, and then — every day in an effort to learn, master, and put into practice the accumulated experience for the benefit of patients.

In 2005, I opened a new "door" to the world called "Treatment under a microscope", and now, in my daily work, all manipulations (whether it is the treatment of "banal" caries or the rescue of an almost hopeless tooth with a cyst and a few fragments of tools in the channels). I always spend with the use of a microscope "Leica".

Every day, patients come to me who are afraid of an injection or a drill: having a negative experience of communicating with other dentists, they expect pain and suffering. I try to find an individual approach to each of my patients, to calm and dispel their fears. And I often hear from them: "Thank you very much, I've never rested in a dentist's chair like this." And this is the highest praise for me: I was able to overcome his fears together with the patient and make him happier.

I like to travel. I love the sea for the sound of the surf. I love mountains for the majestic beauty of their snow-capped peaks. And most importantly, I love my job and am always ready to help my patients»


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Portraits of our clients


"I have never seen a better clinic and have not been treated. I come here from Vladivostok to see wonderful doctors-Ekaterina Borisovna, Viktor Vladimirovich. 

Administrators Tatiana and Elena meet first, meet as if they were their own.  I think those who can read my review already know all this. 

Prosperity and good luck to the clinic and the wonderful people who work here."

Yuri Solovyov

"Many thanks to Dmitry Valerianovich and Diana for their responsiveness, professionalism and patience!!!

I was very afraid of dentists, but the clinic dispelled all my fears. I am very glad that I came to Tashkent and got my beautiful smile, which I have been dreaming about for many years. Thanks!»

Point of view

Ekaterina Timonina, Chief Physician of the Ladent na Savelovskaya clinic, talks about the possibilities of modern dentistry

The chief physician tells about the possibilities of modern dentistry
clinics "Ladent na Savelovskaya" Ekaterina Timonina

You can talk to Elena at the Ladent na Tsvetnoy clinic

For your comfort, we have taken care of silence,
fast internet and aromatic hot coffee. 

For your comfort, we have taken care of silence, fast Internet and fragrant hot coffee. 

On Tsvetnoy

1st Kolobovsky lane, 19, p. 3

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Оставьте Ваши данные, и мы поможем определиться с процедурой, датой и временем визита


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